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"If liability in compliance is civil and criminal, compliance is also the assurance to third parties that the company respects its legal and regulatory obligations. Compliance is a source of confidence!


Christophe CURTELIN
avocat au barreau de paris


Doing business internationally requires a global awareness and understanding of all legal issues.

The involvement of governance, the contractual implementation, the creation of companies, the commercial operations, the associated intellectual property strategy, the anticipation of litigation and the resolution of disputes without forgetting the compliance and tax aspects are all subjects that Vasco Avocats Paris knows how to answer efficiently.

An entrepreneurial, transversal and global approach for your international business.
A fixed fee if possible to give visibility.


VASCO AVOCATS PARIS is distinctive for its deeply international DNA.

VASCO AVOCATS PARIS can provide you with compliance programs, compliance assessments and legal reports on various compliance issues in a complex and/or international context. Anti-corruption (Sapin II), risk mapping, trade compliance and export control, countries under sanctions and embargoes, anti-money laundering and financing of terrorism (AML/CFT)... 

What are the areas of intervention

VASCO AVOCATS PARIS assesses the compliance of companies with international operations. The firm drafts Legal Opinions, particularly for banks, to facilitate the operations of companies by taking into account all applicable regulations (Trade Compliance, Export Control and countries under sanctions, embargoes, corruption - Sapin II, UKBA, FCPA...). The greatest attention is paid to "extraterritorial" regulations.

The firm assists companies in auditing or creating their compliance programs (corruption, sub-sanctioned countries, export control, AML/CFT, etc.), including in the context of mergers and acquisitions, to ensure business compliance. The expectations of the prosecution authorities in the various countries (Parquet National Financier, DOJ, OFAC, etc.) are guidelines for advising the clients of VASCOT AVOCATS PARIS.

The restrictions imposed on banks by the regulators (ACPR, AMF, etc.) have repercussions on companies' activities. In order to anticipate the expectations of the companies' various partners (banks, shareholders, etc.), VASCO AVOCATS PARIS has drawn up a compliance "Book" answering the regulatory questions they are regularly asked. This book facilitates their daily work and reinforces the confidence of third parties.

Several years of experience in the corporate world allow the firm to conduct effective internal investigations to identify compliance gaps. VASCO AVOCATS PARIS assists its clients in implementing the best possible strategy in the context of Judicial Agreements in the Public Interest (CJIP). VASCO carries out its missions diligently and in accordance with the obligations of professional secrecy of the lawyer.

VASCO AVOCATS PARIS handles our corporate clients' suspected non-compliance alerts. The firm provides advice and operational assistance in the management of these sensitive matters, in line with its ethical obligations including professional secrecy.