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your compliance

The best assurance of a seamlessly deployed compliance strategy.

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All your compliance in a single solution

Distribute your rules and surveys, analyze, process and centralize your data and provide secure access to your suppliers.

All types of alerts received in real time, centralized and processed in a secure collaborative space.

Distribute your policy, deploy permissions and have a registry.

To act in all transparency and to allow a secure treatment of any declaration & investigation.

Disseminate competition rules to relevant employees and third parties, conduct investigations and manage alerts.

Distribute in 1 click all the rules to employees and third parties while making sure they are well understood.

To be supported by business experts from diagnosis to operational implementation throughout compliance.

Understand the stakes of your organization from governance to operations and integrate a "compliance" culture.

Increase efficiency in the preparation and monitoring of governance bodies while securing data and its access.

Ensure that you work within the local and extraterritorial regulatory framework with respect to sanctions/embargos and export control.

Ensure that you can collaborate with your third parties with confidence, in partnership with Altares.

Organize and structure the compliance of personal data management in accordance with the European regulation.

Toutes vos conformités en
une seule solution